Lip Enhancements

One of the most effective and dramatic ways to improve your appearance is to enhance the shape and fullness of the lips. We ensure our patients achieve a natural, refreshed appearance on their lips.

Lip Enhancement enhances the appearance of the upper and lower lips At Serenity Facial we use Restylane and Emervel Materials both are hyaluronic acid fillers.

Patients who seek lip enhancement have a desire for fuller lips with better definition. Lip enhancement can also help to address unwanted vertical lines and wrinkles around the mouth, also known as smoker’s lines.

Lip enhancement is also effective to restore volume in thin lips resulting from ageing.

Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it. Brigitte Bardot

What to expect during treatment?

Lip enhancements with injectable lip fillers provide pleasing results in as little as 45 minutes. The results with injectable lip fillers are temporary because the body eventually breaks down and absorbs the filler.

We use Restylane Lip Volume as it is designed for lip enhancement and lip augmentation. It creates fuller lips, or defines and contours lip borders (for example the vermilion border or Cupid's Bow) for a beautiful smile.

Emervel is developed specifically for the lips and mouth area. It has been specifically developed as a smooth gel to give a soft, natural feel. The gel fills in lip lines and wrinkles while the hyaluronic acid within attracts and retains moisture, so results can last up to a year.

What to expect after treatment?

Some minor swelling is expected after lip enhancement. This usually settles within three to five days. A small percentage of patients will also develop minor bruising that can usually be covered with makeup.

Patients should avoid exercise for twenty-four hours after the procedure to minimize swelling. Otherwise, patients can resume work and normal activities.

The results of lip enhancement vary, however, in experienced hands, the results of a lip enhancement should last for between six and twelve months. Many of our patients even notice some enhancement well beyond a year after treatment.

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