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July 21, 2016
How to Pick the Right Toothbrushes
How to Pick the Right Toothbrushes
July 21, 2016

Why Should You See The Hygienist?

Why Should You See The Hygienist?

If you are coming to our dental practice for the first time and have yet to be seen by a dental hygienist, or you’ve heard about them but put off seeing one, you’ll probably have plenty of questions about what they can do for you and if it is just an extra option that can be avoided.

Serenity’s dental therapist, Marie Hobbs, explains why you should see a hygienist and the benefits they can bring.

The role of a Hygienist

The functions of the dentist and hygienist are very different. The dentist will diagnose and treat problems that are in different stages of development. However, the hygienist will carry out preventative treatment to limit the prospect of dental issues.

In this aspect, dental hygienists have two clearly defined roles which fall under the categories of oral health promotion and clinical treatment.

They perform necessary procedures to limit the risk of developing periodontal and gum disease. While a combination of scaling and polishing treatments ensure the effective removal of plaque, bacteria and staining from the teeth.

You may also need to visit the dental hygienist for the treatment of gum disease. Such treatment will involve scaling and the application of anti-microbial materials below the gums, often with the use of anaesthetics.

Vital Treatments

The dental hygienist plays an essential role in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay and use highly effective methods for the removal of plaque and bacteria.

Such treatment is absolutely necessary if you want to minimise the prospect of tooth loss. Our experts are also able to recommend effective methods of combating halitosis.

During your visit we will encourage you to maintain a healthy diet for excellent oral hygiene. We will also advise you about brushing your tongue and minimise the build up of bacteria on an everyday basis.

Those of you who drink red wine or smoke should brush the top part of the tongue for improved appearance. You’ll find that food and drink tastes better if you follow our advice – one benefit that some people don’t know about.

Expert Oral Health Tips

It might surprise you to know that 30% of the population are expected to develop gum disease at some point in their lives.

The early onset of this common disease may be reversed by flossing, scaling and routinely brushing the teeth. However, advanced gum disease is relatively likely to result in the loss of teeth. Visiting dental hygienists can manage and minimise the impact of the disease.

You’ll receive the best advice during appointments with the dental hygienist at Serenity Dental. Recommendations include the avoidance of high sugar foods and limiting the consumption of tea and coffee. You should have ultimate faith in our ability to maintain optimum oral health.

Serenity Dental offer you an expert Hygienist session as well as many other friendly services that may be useful to you, so you have one less thing to worry about.

To arrange a hygienist appointment with Serenity Dental, or you have any questions or enquires, give them a call on 01329 230 111.

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